Rounding up 2013.

A year has passed in a blink of eye and here’s a summation:

My bundle of joy, a baby named Charley. Becoming mum wasn’t something that I’d planned for. I also didnt think that I’ll be the first among my girls to get married and have a baby.

From a working married woman to a Stay-At-Home-Mum. I left my job role after maternity to better care for my little one. My parents and in-laws are getting on in age and I’ve no confidence in infant care after so much negative news on childcare. The ratio of 1:5 for infant care isn’t really converting me either. So getting back to the workforce would probably be on my cards a few years from now.. If I hadn’t become an obsolete antique in terms of knowledge!

Starting this blog and moving out of my previous blog that holds my memories since 2005.

Learning to let go. My grandmother passed away recently. I have been blaming myself for not being there for her physically during her tough times but I knew I had done my part as a grandchild. I hope she brought away with her those happy memories staying with us when she was well.

Hopping on to 2014, we would be getting our BTO keys next month! Waited for about 4 years to get this. Moving is a headache but we’ll get there.. More posts on renovations upcoming!

And so, here’s Charley first selfie of the year at 5 months old!


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