Satisfy thy craving while they last.

A friend told me that your cravings will only come in after 3 months…but I think otherwise.

I won’t say that I crave for some food so bad if I don’t get it I will rather die of hunger. That’s extreme. Afterall, if you’re that hungry enough, you will probably eat whatever is served up to you. But I do have this new set of taste bud that prefers spicier and saltier food. I am trying to cut down on the salt intake daily and that makes my food really bland cause I can’t seem to taste the food for nuts! But I guess this will need to persist for bean to be healthier than me. As for spicy… I just can’t keep myself away from that. Yikes!

I’m not a spoilt brat, but since young..I have developed this habit of not finishing the food if the food suck and I won’t force myself to finish the food if it taste really bad. It didn’t come across to me that by finishing the food makes me feel better that I’m not wasting it (think about those starving children, I know), but I am considering what happens if I finish that ungodly bowl of something.. will it give me tummyache? will I throw up after that? Why force myself to finish something if I won’t be happier after that?

So back to cravings. I have been craving alot of my mum’s dishes lately. Those macaroni soups, beehoon soups, dry beehoon in zichar style, dry beehoon in chilli style, CURRY, fried beehoon.. sounds like food for the sick but once you taste it…  hoho. You probably can get these anywhere, but the style/taste of cooking is never the same. Maybe those taste buds will change next month, but meanwhile I have been making trips to get these cravings settled!

Not forgetting to give the husband a pat on the back for cooking fried beehoon to satisfy my craving last Sunday. Will show you images next time if he cooks this dish again 🙂

One item, which is deemed as the best nutrition for bean has been on my ‘NO’ list recently – FISH. These days, I simply cannot stand the taste and smell of fish, cooked or not. We (Me and bean) find it equally disgusting, so it’s not me rejecting the intake of fish, it’s bean (baby, it’s no blame game don’t worry.. mummy is not gonna force you to eat something you don’t like either!). The other day I took some steamed fish and the nausea feeling came up immediately and I almost threw up.

So these days, whenever I feel like having something, I will go for it (excluding those food that are a strict no-nos lah). Pregnancy is a good 9 months and in these 9 months, you may or may not be able to eat exactly what you have in mind. So if there is something that’s passable and similar to what you want, taste good and can satisfy your craving, GO FOR IT! Like my mum always say…’If you want to eat something, don’t wait and just go for it. Don’t let your kid drool those saliva for nothing!’ 😉

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