See you tomorrow Bean!

It’s quite amazing how the days go by just like that, into months, and before you know it..we’re having a baby.. tomorrow!

I’m not sure if I have any energy to blog about anything post-delivery or even hours before it so I guess I’m writing it before I enter into a panic attack. Haha! I’m also very happy to have found a fellow mum who happens to be delivering in the same hospital as I am tomorrow, all through the world of internet! What a coincidence isn’t it? If she’s going to be my direct next door ward neighbor I think I will really need to go buy TOTO 😀

Adapting a little from her blog, I thought I will just update a little info about Bean and myself before she pops:

Weight of Bean: est. 3KG since we last weigh. I’ve never believed that the size of your bump is in relation to how big your baby actually is. My bump looks really compact and we’ve never thought Bean’s got such hearty appetite! 

Gender: It’s a girl! And hubs says she looks just like me according to the 4D imaging. I was joking that imagine hubs in a wig and we concluded that looking like me is good. 

Total Weight Gained on Me: 13KG. You can’t really tell where it all went to. I’m also very glad to say that I didn’t spend much on maternity clothes as my usual outfits were the roomy types. 

Sleep: I know Bean is getting her sleep, LIKE A BOSS. I know I’m not. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I SLEEP?! She does her hiccup stint every night about 1am onwards. Then she kicks. The kicks are lesser now cause I think she’s fighting for space recent days but I can tell you how powerful that ribcage hadouken is.  I’ve also told her that she can save her kicks for the papa when she’s out. Sleep is a luxury for me these days especially so due to insomnia. These days, Braxton hicks contraction last through the entire night as well, accompanied by heartburns and sudden heat rashes, not forgetting weird itches on the limbs. And I know I didn’t sleep till 5.30am last night. 

Belly Button: Now’s an outie. It’s quite an awkward feeling.

Wedding Rings: Doesn’t fit! :I Yup, I just went to double confirmed it. @@

That’s about all. Let me know if you’d like to know more and I will try to answer them!

As I turn to look at my calendar (where I marked the D-day with the drawing of an cracked boiled egg), I still can’t believe I’m going to be a mum come tomorrow evening!

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