Sleepless night is only the beginning.

Last night’s insomnia was really bad. Coupled with the scissors kicks from Bruce Lee wannabe in my tummy, I believed I slept closed to 5am with an hourly interval trip to the washroom.

I knew I had to take time off today from work but with the 5 days off I’ve had last week, I’ve requested to work from home instead. Closing to EDD I could actually feel that my organs are being squashed. I get shortages of breath easily and my heart pumps really hard at times to bring the necessary nutrients to bean. Nausea was also something that I have to deal with on an alternate day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I may be whining about it but I am also extremely happy to know her activities show that she’s healthy and all.

Amongst all these drama, Bento has been encouraging bean to torture me with the kicks to punish me for being a nuisance on some days. Quite a dad isn’t he? Guess he got his wishes since I haven’t been sleeping well!

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