Small but beautiful.

I’m talking about my baby bump.

No, I’m not only talking about my bump, I’m also talking about my chest. Remember the last post I was rambling that Singapore does not have pretty maternity bras? Remember that I said that my friend has recommended me one particular store that would become my last option? I always trusted this girlfriend and I’m super glad that this recommendation was an exact match for me. In terms of maternity bras that is, since that was what I was looking for.

I’m not a well endowed woman, I’ve always been small. When I was younger, I did feel slightly inferior .. but as time goes by, I really didn’t think it matters that great deal to me as long as they’re healthy. Alot of stores I’ve been to run along bigger sizes, especially Marks & Spencer. Their smallest size was not made for petite asian built and the sales person stopped recommending me after she realized that their fit is too big for me. So guess how happy I was when I stepped into Mothers en Vogue at Centrepoint. I got what I want, two simple sports looking bra top and a stretchy pair of black shorts since my only black one was too tight for me now. When I’ve ‘upgraded’ in the months to come, I’m gonna pop by the store and buy the prettier lacy ones as well 😉

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Photo courtesy of Mothers en Vogue Website.

If you have been looking around for plain and simple maternity wear, this is the store for you too. These few days I’ve came to realize that maternity wear could be rather costly and I’ve attributed it to the material of the apparel. I’ve touched’s cottony soft and comfortable. Sadly, it’s just not my style. It’s not that I’m gonna torture myself wearing my old clothes and being cheapskate and all, but I think I would take my time is finding the right ones for me. Besides, if all else fails, I’ll be wearing my husband t-shirts and own leggings.

PS. This is not a paid advertisement.

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