Who do you love most?


Keisen is turning 1 in a few days time! It’s crazy how time flies…to think I have been caring for this little being for almost a year (or more since he was curated for 9 months!) I am planning a mini tea party for this boy’s birthday, afterall I’ve got one planned for Charley when she was 1, so how could I sit this one out? I must be fair right?  With 2 kiddos now, the question I get asked […]

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The difference between us.


Between the siblings that is. When Baby 2 pushed me back to square 1 on how to take care of a newborn, this phrase often came to my mind. “No two babies are the same” Of course, they still sleep, they nap, they drink their milk, they teeth and they poo, but really, no two babies are exactly the same. I often have friends who tells me that looking after their firstborn was a nightmare but their second kiddo turns out to […]

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My loots from Toddle.sg (Review & Promocode)


My cousin always told me that if there was an opening for a job position as an ‘online personal shopper’, that would be my calling. I have no qualms about that, except that most moms like myself would have very well fitted into that position too. With 1 kid, I could easily go to the supermarket or the malls to get what I needed. With 2 – a running toddler and a going 6-month old infant, I take my shopping […]

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Onwards we go, 9th month and counting!

Amazingly how just the other day I was deliberating on how your first year party should be like. Today you’re 9 months old! Happy 9th Charley! Not your best photo but one of my best with no totally makeup 😛 It’s quite crazy how I’ve gotten used to having a mini me beside me. Of course, not crazily in love with close to zilch time to doll up myself at all that I’ve often went out with close to no […]

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Diapers Galore.

You name it, we tried it. That’s for most of the brands that the supermarket holds. Huggies, Merries, Drypers, Pet Pet, Mamypoko and Pampers. You can’t imagine the heartache I have when we can’t finish up the diapers that doesn’t suit her..or those we used only one piece and she’s not suited. But of course, she’s the priority! So far we’ve given away two big packs which we felt that doesn’t suit her. I still have another two more brands […]

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My purchase at Le Petit Society

The other day I was hoping to win the voucher giveaway from Le Petit Society but booya, I didn’t get it! Congrats to the lucky winner. Also, I was a little upset not being able to take advantage of the little sale they have extended to their shoppers over the Christmas period since I’ve already done my purchases.. But this shall pass because I like shopping at their site! So my parcel arrived at my doorstep: The parcel was wrapped […]

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Charley’s Diaper Bag

We have been out with Charley a few times that we have quite a good insight to what should be in her diaper bag. I finally understand now when my gf says that I would no longer have a place for my own bag, instead, my bag would probably be downgraded to a necessity pouch (wallet, keys, iphone) within my baby’s bag. True that. The first few times we went out as it was time to bring the baby to […]

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Little Charley.

If you haven’t already knew by now, we have a new addition to our family! Little Ms. Charley! It’s pronounced as ‘Shar-lee’ btw. I know the name is not very gender specific but that’s the way we like it. Currently we are trying to fix up her chinese name. Initially we didn’t think about going to a master to calculate the suitability of her name based on her bazi. But since we have went for a horoscopic caesarean.. We might […]

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