Confinement Menu

Earlier I’ve mentioned about this confinement menu I’ve done up for myself as a guide to the Confinement Nanny. The dishes are fairly simple because I prefer a clear palette and most of them are kids-friendly where stated. However, this is just a reference so feel free to edit where you’d like. Please view it here  Share This:

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Hiring a Confinement Nanny (Part 1)

confinement meal planning

While I had the luxury of having my mom took care of me during my previous confinement, this time round I have decided on hiring a confinement nanny (CN) instead. My mom is getting on in years and she’s needed to look after my nephew so after reviewing some of the agencies online, I have decided to go with PEM Confinement Nanny Agency. There are pros and cons of hiring a nanny; many could also debate the need of having to hire one. […]

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