Hiring a confinement nanny (Part 2)

I can’t wait for confinement to be over. That was the only thought on my head for that full month and I would be highlighting some hits and misses for that duration. On most days, I fancied that I didn’t have to cook by myself. Especially the preparation of ingredients for cooking cause that actually takes the most time. However, the food were too oily and salty for our taste. I had prepared a menu, yes, I did allowed the CN […]

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Hiring a Confinement Nanny (Part 1)

confinement meal planning

While I had the luxury of having my mom took care of me during my previous confinement, this time round I have decided on hiring a confinement nanny (CN) instead. My mom is getting on in years and she’s needed to look after my nephew so after reviewing some of the agencies online, I have decided to go with PEM Confinement Nanny Agency. There are pros and cons of hiring a nanny; many could also debate the need of having to hire one. […]

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We will stand together hear the lions roar.

So on today’s papers, they had an article on how our new NDP song manages to evoke strong comments from our fellow Singaporeans. Heck, funny clips and parodies were even made weeks after the song aired on wherever. I have to admit the one where they edited Stephen Chow movie snippets into it really strike a laughing chord in me. I don’t really want to put the video up but it’s real easy to google it on Youtube. As a […]

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