Charley is officially ONE!


Entire July went by in a whim! We were so busy that the only place I was updating about me and Charley was on Instagram. We shifted into our new place and Charley celebrated her first birthday at our new place! Definitely what I’ve hope for for her first party! I’ve wanted a cosy place and private/ intimate setting and everything went exactly as planned. Thanks to my girls for helping out. Couldn’t have thanked them enough. So what did […]

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Fanning the heat/haze down.

It’s been a whopping 34 degrees for the past few days. Quite a spoilt brat to start complaining about the weather when some of the other parts of the world experiences even worse temperatures. But well, being pregnant meant that your body temperature is higher..and that can get really unbearable for me. I can shower and come out perspiring again, I hate that feeling. I have been trying to survive without aircon for the day when I have my off […]

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