My take on GAIA Natural Baby Skincare Products (Review and Promocode)


My knowledge of using organic products for our firstborn 3 years ago was limited. Back then, using organic did not came across our mind but as long as the product is safe to use, it would be one of the options for us. However, over the years of caring for our little one, using organic products (not just for the little one but for the entire household) became a priority when we learnt more about how much harmful chemicals we are […]

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Charley’s solids – Puréed Pumpkin

We’ve started Charley on her first solids few days before she’s officially six months old and she’s definitely not a big fan of eating…as yet! Unlike most parents, I’ve decided to go with vegetables first, fruits then poultry and cereal. Cereal is a staple item so she’s definitely going to have to eat that sooner or later but I’m going with vegetables first because it’s not the yummiest food to a kiddo (IMO) and I want her to develop her […]

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