A little update – We’re having a baby!


Hello! It has been about 2 months since I last wrote! To be honest, it actually felt like it was 5 months since I last wrote. I’m sorry if I’d abandoned my blog for a bit because I’ve been busy with baby 2 and managing a toddler who’s asking for attention! Busy is not exactly the right word to use here, because time flies by in a blink of an eye and I am barely physically nor mentally ready. I’ve actually […]

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Baby photoshoot with FLASH by Morffew


I’ve been waiting forever to do this. Yes, it’s constantly on my mind but I always sat on it. So one Saturday, while shopping with my brother’s family and my mum, I went ahead to do it while waiting for them to be finished with their Babyspa! We had a baby photoshoot with FLASH by Morffew! Okay, I actually meant that Charley had a quick photoshoot done at Westgate, by FLASH by Morffew. It’s not your usual photoshoot studio, it is […]

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This is only Temporary.

I’ve recently came across an article where a writer/mum writes about the these four words: This is only Temporary; which speaks about the happiness and depressions of raising a baby. Being a new mum (I considered myself fairly new since baby Charley is 4.5 months old), I can tell you that this is not an easy job. Being a SAHM is not easy, yes.. given the luxury not to miss any milestones the little one hits is pure joy but […]

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