My loots from (Review & Promocode)


My cousin always told me that if there was an opening for a job position as an ‘online personal shopper’, that would be my calling. I have no qualms about that, except that most moms like myself would have very well fitted into that position too. With 1 kid, I could easily go to the supermarket or the malls to get what I needed. With 2 – a running toddler and a going 6-month old infant, I take my shopping […]

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Christmas came early (My Miracle Baby review)


I have always been an fan of online shopping and you can always see me scouring the net for something worthy to buy for my kiddos, myself or for home. After having children, I’ve fallen into the vicious cycle of shopping more for them instead of for myself and I’m sure many moms are like me. With Christmas around the corner and town full of people, I went online to find gifts instead. I was very thankful when Adale from My Miracle Baby […]

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Mommy, do you love me?

Of course I do! With the new addition in our family, I find my time split between managing two kids – with the newborn demanding most of my time, house chores, cooking and getting some time for myself if I’m lucky. My daughter, who used to spend most of her time with me, suddenly has to spend most of her time with Daddy and share me with her baby brother. I also don’t go out as often with her now […]

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Switching up to HANIL UV Sterilizer (Promo code)


There are a few range of sterilizers in the market right now and after a few other comparisons, we have decided to try out HANIL UV sterilizer and dryer for ourselves. Having a toddler and newborn means I really need to manage the time I have on hand; that also means that I need to cut down on unnecessary time spent on doing other things. With HANIL, I have been able to achieve better management of time and at the […]

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Hello ASUS Zenfone Max! [SP]

Asus Zenfone Max

Lately, I have been blessed with a new Android phone which is newly released into the market – ASUS Zenfone Max. Most of the people around me are either iPhone/ Samsung users and I’m very glad to be able to grab hold of this phone to test out its functions and performance!  When I open the box, I am wowed by the sleekness of the phone. The contents are neatly tucked in its rightful slots and properly maintained in its […]

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Every Moment is a Teachable Moment, by C.

In my previous post I have mentioned that I will be sharing some tips on how to guide your child better from home. But I’ve got something sweeter for you readers! These awesome blog posts will be contributed by the principal herself! Join us as we welcome C on board as our new contributor writer! C will be sharing tips on enhancing learning through home and various activities you could engage your little ones with. Check out her first post […]

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The Top 3 Pests at Home

I know it has been a long while since I write. I have taken some time off to have more time to myself and kiddo. Today I am going to write about the TOP 3 PESTS AT HOME. They irked me so much that I have dedicated this post just to write about them!  We have shifted into our new place in the north about 8 months ago. Yes, only a mere 8 months and I have a list of […]

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Little Suite for C!


Whenever I go out shopping with Charley, I am always swooned over by how cute those little girls clothes are. This, that, trust me, I want to get every piece of what I’ve seen that sometimes I ended up buying something forgetting how these material affects my little girl when she wears them. Take for instance, I’ve bought this really awesome jeans looking shorts from X brand, but they are too thick and the material is rather coarse (not forgetting […]

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Shopping at Redmart

So there I am, amidst doing my confinement and fussing over the little one. I actually found some time to review this new app that allows me to do grocery shopping without having to step out of the house. Speaking of which, if not for those few trips to the gynae and PD, I would have fainted due to cabin fever. So I’m very thankful that the doc trips are scheduled as such! So what is Redmart? It is a […]

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We will stand together hear the lions roar.

So on today’s papers, they had an article on how our new NDP song manages to evoke strong comments from our fellow Singaporeans. Heck, funny clips and parodies were even made weeks after the song aired on wherever. I have to admit the one where they edited Stephen Chow movie snippets into it really strike a laughing chord in me. I don’t really want to put the video up but it’s real easy to google it on Youtube. As a […]

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