Tainan: Day 8 to Day 12 (16Nov – 20Nov)


Traveling from Yilan to Tainan means we have to take a bus back to Taipei Railway for a transfer. This was probably the easiest and fastest route to get to Tainan as Yilan was kind of in between. We didn’t mind it at all since the ride was full of scenic views and the bus was clean and comfortable. The timing was right after lunch for us and Charley even managed to take a nap! Many locals travel via bus from Yilan to Taipei and it took about an hour.


Tainan was a stark contrast to Yilan. It was peaceful and calming in the latter while there was plenty of hustle in Tainan. Shops are built close to one another, roads are close to ‘man-made’ pavements and very often we take in second-hand smoke from motorists who ride past. There were a fair bit of vehicles on the road, especially motorists! Parents traveling with kids should be reminded to let the kids walk on the inside of the pavements for safety.

That said, Tainan was a place that you didn’t have to worry about food! You would definitely be spoilt for choices because there were so many IG recommended eateries and cafes but you’ve only one tummy to fill. Yup, we took to Instagram to find out about the current eateries/ cafes/ touristy spots to be at. Most of the food places are centralized in the heart of Taichung but there were a few touristy spots which were quite out of the way. We didn’t want to travel to a location solely for a few pictures and back because there was nothing else nearby. But if you’re traveling sans kids and have an international license, go rent a bike and get around!

Shennong Street a.k.a 神農街, was one of the well-preserved landmarks of Tainan. It was lined with quaint little shops and rustic historical exteriors, you might want to get your camera ready for that! However, I did think that the place would be a longer stretch than it actually was. So, moving on..


Random Bread pop-up pushcart! We bought all the flavors for next day’s breakfast btw.

Chimei Museum 奇美博物館 – It was exceptionally feasting on the eyes to see such gorgeous monuments and artifacts. The place was grand and there was so much history in this place. Of course, like all other museums, it was strictly no photography except the outdoors. That said, please go on a weekday, all our photos were bombed by random strangers. 

baoan1The station to alight at – Bao An, has a nice setting and the noon light was perfect.

Please slap on your sunblock.


On another day..it was much more cooling..

It was amazing to learn how they managed to carve out the above sculptures, freight over and assembled it. I think it took about 5 or 7 years to actually set-up the entire museum. We went on two different days to try to capture the beauty of the museum but we weren’t lucky enough. So please go on a weekday! I cannot emphasize enough.

We also went to 正興街貨櫃市街, a.k.a 比漾廣場(Beyond Petite) which I’d thought was a bigger market but again, it was a short stretch of retail shops and pop-up cafes. No pictures were taken here because before I can whip out the camera, I was done with the place. 中西區民生路二段61號 Tainan, Taiwan 700.

On another day, we went to 蜗牛巷 Snail Street. It was quite fun trying to locate where all the snails are: 




Popped by the renown 林百貨 Hayashi Departmental Store to get some local gifts for our family and friends. I really liked the structure of the building as well the amount of history it encompasses. Of course, we had to take the elevator since it was the first-ever elevator built in a shopping mall in southern Taiwan. You can’t say you’ve been to Hayashi if you’ve never stepped into the lift! The lift was small, probably holding a maximum of 4-5 pax and a kid. Also, be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket because every item looks really nice!

Randomly came upon this IG spot while having our laundry done.





Settled dinner at 和興號鮮魚湯 HoHsin Fish Soup, I am still reminiscing about the simple food fare which has a tasty broth and fresh ingredients. 



I’ve got a few lovely photos taken at 虱目魚主題館 Saba Fish Museum. Be prepared to eat a lot of Saba Fish if you’ve planned for lunch here. There were other dishes too, but since the main focus of the museum was Saba Fish, we just had to. Also, grabbed their skincare range as well as some snacks and Saba Fish Floss which my kiddo loved.





No. 88, Guangzhou Road, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan 708 sabafish.com

We were very lucky to hitch a bus ride to 漁光島. There was a bus waiting right opposite the museum and we found out that there was free shuttle bus due to some festivities held at the beach. But again, it’s the weekend so every IG spot was full of people.


See what I mean?

We’ve also managed to make a trip to Anping Old Street 安平老街 by cab. Running after the perfect magic hour, we grabbed a few shots at a random spot. Just to note that a few of the places in the area require an entrance fee, so we didn’t go in. 


Plenty of such arcade storefront around this area.

I would like to recommend Sicao Green Tunnel if you’re heading to Tainan. We skipped the place because we don’t think our kiddo would appreciate sitting on the raft under the sun for the duration of the ride. But if the weather is cooling, I think it would be a good experience! 

No. 360, Dazhong Road, Annan District, Tainan City, Taiwan 709

One place I insisted to have my photo taken was at Tainan was at Paripart Apt.






Took a stroll and chanced upon a Vintage store




Accommodation in Tainan: WeLoft Inn



Review: The place is clean and nice, but it is located in an alley and you would easily miss the place if you didn’t search clearly enough. Someone actually directed us to the front door. That being said, there are plenty of shops, eateries as you step out. I liked that there is a fruit store just opposite the place, aunty much.

There is no elevator in the place so when we were given the highest level, guess who had to make frequent trips down to get water? Duh, of course both the adults! There was a shared fridge and pantry with a common space at level 1. Suitable for older kids as the steps were high and steep. But overall, 3.5 stars for cleanliness and service. 

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