Taipei: Day 1 to Day 4 (9Nov – 12Nov)


We departed Singapore at 8:15am and reached Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport around 1:05pm. Transportation to the city has been made convenient with the Express Train Service from Taoyuan MRT. You can get to Taipei Main Station and switch to wherever you’re headed. In our case, our Airbnb was at Liuzhangli 六張犁; while it was super convenient with 7-11s around us and a foot massage right down our living space, I wouldn’t recommend staying around this station because we had to cross to the other side of the platform to board the train every time we went out. It can be quite tiring for little feets even though the weather was cooling. So imagine if you have plenty of shopping bags..But the lighting in the room was pretty good. 


They have charging ports!

We chose this stay as we wanted to make our way to Da’an Forest Park aka 大安森林公園, which we had been to on our previous trips. The vibe was right and the park was big! We wanted to have a small picnic sesh there but wet weather forbids. So we didn’t go to the park at all this trip and it was a real pity! I guess it is rather hard to go check out all the nitty-gritty details such as the platform changing when you plan your stay, so we learned it the hard way and now we know!  You can check out A Toddler in Taipei‘s blog to learn more.

Unknowingly walked into A-Mei’s (張惠妹) restaurant!


Taipei Children’s Amusement Park / 兒童新樂園 was on our itinerary for Day 2. Took the train to Jiantan station and took a short bus ride (it was probably less than 10 mins) and got to the entrance. You might want to go after a meal as there is only 1 fast food outlet and a 7-11 there. Most of the rides have height restrictions and checks are done at the end of the queue. But at least it was super convenient that you can pay for the rides using MRT farecards 悠遊卡, which we had already purchase on Day 1 when we took the train from the airport to Taipei Main Station. All we need to do is to top up as and when required with the machines that were readily available in the Amusement Park! Well, we played to our heart’s content because Singapore has really expensive rides! Popped by Taipei Astronomical Museum next and sadly most of the parts were under renovation.



That’s me after the merry go round (which I have zero tolerance for) with a vomit looking face.


Charley’s fave ride – We sat on this many times..many.

Went back to the hotel for a rest and it was already getting dark around 4ish. During this season, sunsets around 5pm and by 6pm it felt almost like Singapore’s 8pm! We tried hiking up Elephant’s mountain象山 and honestly, you might want to consider going for the sunrise version instead. There were a lot of people and it was really dark. Even if the husband and kiddo made it to the top, there was just no space to stand and take a good photo.  I was just a flight of stairs to the top but the duo was already making their way down. So I followed since there was nothing to miss as it was too crowded.

Wanted to go to this famous IG location (竹村居酒屋) for dinner but it was a small place and waiting time was long, plus it was not exactly kid-friendly so we switched and went back to a Japanese restaurant near our Airbnb.

Concluded the first leg of our trip by going to 台灣昆蟲館. It is our must-go place every time we go Taiwan because the keepers have this show and tell session where they teach you about whichever bug/ beetle, stick insect was on duty. You can also touch the insects! We really liked how they conduct the sessions everytime even though it was only in Chinese. This was really an intimate learning experience for the kids (this is usually for the kids and I think the parents enjoyed it too) and some of the Taiwanese children even have them as pets! So the one we went to was an introduction to a certain species of chameleon and a feeding session.



Of course, we had to go 誠品24小時書店 and dinner was at some random place where convenient and kid-friendly. Did some shopping and had our kiddo’s nails done. Packed our bags and had an early rest for Yilan!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.04.50 pm

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 1.13.35 pm


laundryFave hangout – Automated Laundry Shop with random stranger

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