The beginning of aches.

Bean currently weighs 700g while I’ve conveniently put on about 7kg. You can’t tell where that 7kg went to and I can’t tell you how much I’m aching all over, especially my feet. Just standing a mere 15 mins or waiting for a 6 mins train to arrive is almost taking my life. That doesn’t work well that I have close to zero patience.

I haven’t had the luxury of time to blog about any updates for the last two weeks as the company that I’m currently at was doing a launch party. Thank goodness it all ended last week. A launch party sounded like fun but all that backend work is no joke. Work and babies are not exactly categorize as fun things since both requires massive amount of attention. That said, while bean has been actively kicking me three weeks before, now she’s mainly sleeping and occasionally giving me a kick here and there only when she’s happy. Being paranoid, I remembered googling and doing some homework about baby kicks and why the sudden stop of kicks for two days straight. And what miraculously made her kick was an action movie that involves a scene where the wife of the president falls down that bridge from the movie ‘Olympus has Fallen’. Pretty awkward scene to be kicking me but well, whatever makes you happy bean!

Currently how my tummy looks like now and it was taken last Friday:


I don’t have much side profile pictures as I seldom do makeup to work these days. I have a group photo taken but you can’t tell that I’m going 6 months from that photo either. Perhaps I should work on that. Maybe the next post will consist of the 4D scan of bean’s face and a side profile of me. Keep on reading my friends! 🙂

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