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When Charley was born, she was directed to a pediatrician (PD) recommended under my gynae. Me and the hubs didn’t really went to google much about this PD. Or we did, and the Internet has very little info about her. Our PD is Dr. Ratna Sridjaja.

dr ratnaYou can see Charley doing ‘breakdancing’ as Dr. Ratna does the routine checkup for her, haha!

If you’re heading towards Gleneagles to deliver your baby, I’m highly recommending her to be your PD. Dr. Ratna is someone who spends time addressing any concerns about your little one and doesn’t at all seem at all mindful of the silly questions we have being a first-time parent. She’s an Indonesian who could speak Bahasa Indonesian, English, Mandarin and a little bit of Hokkien. She’s also eloquent, very gentle and interacts very well with our baby. Dr. Ratna works at SBCC Baby and Child Clinic. She has a very personable character and needless to say, I am very satisfied with her professionalism and her working style. Once I called the clinic because I was anxious to check on Charley’s bowel movements; she returned my call via the message left by her nurse. You know how some clinic doesn’t practice this and recommends you to bring your kid to the clinic instead? *PUI* I can safely say on behalf that Charley enjoys having her as her PD while in my case, I would say, ‘take my money DR!’. I’m still shock that no one wrote much about this doctor in the forums at all!

After so many plus points about Dr. Ratna, the only low-side for us was that she’s mostly stationed at Gleneagles. As we stay in the north, it’s really not travel friendly for us to go down all the way to Gleneagles all the time; not cost and time efficient. She’s only at SBCC AMK on Tuesdays and that meant that if there’s any emergency cases, we would have to look for an alternative doctor. That said, I brought Charley to SBCC AMK last Monday to check on her bowels..she’s having this inconsistent bowel movement and I’m very concern. The doctor attended to our baby was Dr. Goh Han Meng.

Dr Goh was a very patient doctor in my opinion. He took the time to explain to me in details on the signs and symptoms that I should look out for in Charley’s case and he mentioned that she’s actually doing alright. It was a case of formula suitability. We were quite on the same page that we didn’t want baby to have any medications unless really necessary and so I went home with Probiotics, a supplement that is suppose to let baby develop good bacteria in the intestines. I really hope this works for her but she’s still having runny poo poo, I’m not sure if it’s the BM or it’s the formula. But she’s still gaining the weight as per normal so it’s not a case of diarrhea. Dr Goh also returned my call via a message from the nurse. In the call, he also took the time to explain to me on my queries. I think most doctor would have love to hang up the phone call asap but he didn’t appear so. Instead, he offered that I email him updates if I was still very concern (and that’s what I did!). I’m not able to tell if he’s good at what he does in one visit, but in this one visit, he seems like someone I would bring my kid to for checkups. What works for me may not work for you, so I guess it’s the same with doctors! 🙂

Who’s your PD and who do you recommend then?

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