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While waiting for our turn at the gynae, I was requested to do a urine test. I guess instructions wasn’t clear enough to me and I made an embarrassed return but I shall skip that cause you may potentially change your impression of me. Haha.

I have to be clear that in any of my posts, my recommendation of my gynae is not an advertorial of her or her clinic. I’m not paid for it and I’m paying for my visits. I’m not sponsored to write about her in any sense so my opinion is what I truly feel in any of the scenarios mentioned. Probably biased to myself, since its my opinion.

In my last post, little bean is about 8 weeks, today, 9 weeks old. In another few more weeks, we are going to know about the gender. Yes, we have decided to know the baby’s gender cause I cannot wait to stock up some new pieces of pretty clothes for him/her. I don’t have any preference specifically as long as little bean is healthy. It also makes naming easier. They say bonding with your baby and calling their name when they’re still in your womb is good for them.

I’ve this list of questions asked at my gynae and I hope it clears some doubt you may have.

1. Any specific kinds of food to stay away from?
Reply: Food that are high in mercury, such as sharks meat or Deep Atlantic cod fish, tuna. Canned tunas are considered tunas, so if you frequently take them, I suggest you cut down..after all, there’s a lot of preservatives in canned food. Stay away from processed deli meat such as luncheon meat. I’ve steered clear of that, as well as hotdogs and such. I’ve asked this cause I wanted to clarify that I can eat spicy food like curry and Tom yum, these are my cravings. Doc says you can have salad too..only thing is that the vegs have to be really clean and since you never know how they washed those greens outside, try DIY salad.

2. There are certain ingredients in products to stay away from?
Reply: Most products that are sold OTC (over the counters) are generally alright for usage cause their content is low. (There’s one specific ingredient to stay away from but due to a sleeping brain I didn’t catch it down..I will ask about this again). But Benzoyl Peroxide that’s sold OTC is generally okay to use..yay.

3. How often should we be coming for check ups?
Reply: Monthly visits will be good. Nearer to delivery would be weekly visits. There are packages for these but we’ll discuss when you’re about 4 months. Next visit you will be doing some examinations for baby health.

I’ve also asked more in-depth questions catered to my health conditions and the costs, list of hospitals we can choose for our delivery and who is the next doctor in line to attend to me during her absence (emergency basis). So you may also consider these questions to ask on your visits. Left me know if there are worries on your mind you would like to clarify and I can help to ask about it on my next visit. 🙂

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