The story about Gynae

Sometimes I describe details in such intricate manner…and if you’re a male, you may want to consider twice before reading on.

Yesterday was my first visit to my lovely gynae ever since I was pregs. It’s actually considered a little late in my opinion but due to my emergency condition at 6 weeks where I’ve visited an alternative gynae who has traumatized me, boy am I glad to go back to my original gynae.

At 6 weeks, where I was in the midst of discovering about the pregnancy, I have this light bleeding out of the blue on one morning (don’t ask me where please). My previous experience surfaces and since I wasn’t sure of anything, I knew that I had to make my way to any available gynae nearest to me. Light bleeding, or spotting they called it, could be a normal implantation bleeding or it could be something that leads to a miscarriage. So, if you are not certain about anything, please go to a doctor and have it checked. After I’ve got rejected by a few women’s clinic due to their full schedule (one clinic even told me that I have to schedule an appt near feb to get myself checked after I’ve told her it’s an emergency!), I’ve finally got one that still have an available slot for me on the very same day.

Everything was still alright at the clinic reception. Doctor was late, as they always are. Nurses are busy doing registration. By then, I was in a cramp like pain..still bearable but feeling very awful about it. The next thing I knew I was called in. Without further explaining, I was to do an intimate scan. I was in pain, I begged the doctor to stop for a bit but but he ignored my plea totally, neglecting my feelings and tears, gave me a progesterone jab without further explaining about it and commented as a matter of fact: ‘Pregnancy is a long way to go’. He walked back to his desk.

At that instance, I felt like I was slapped right across my face. I knew that pregnancy was a long way to go. In fact, if I were to say, I would say that having a child is a long way to go..pregnancy is a great 9 months of my life. I felt that that comment was uncalled for. This is a doctor without care, empathy and needless to say, gentle touch. Maybe he is just there for the money cause pregnancy is a long way to go. I knew that unless due to urgent cases, I would never ever let him earn another single cent from me.

Remember, choosing the right gynae for yourself is the most important thing to do. You know you will be comfortable in his/her hands. You know he/she will be there to give you that care, support and help you require during this 9 months (or even more) of your life. Most importantly, you know that you and your baby will be safe in his/her hands. A doctor with no empathy is like a doctor with no soul. I’m glad that my current gynae is exactly someone that I’m super comfortable and assured with.

With that, here’s little bean at 8 weeks. Healthy heartbeat that’s beating faster than mine, tiny hands and feet.


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