The difference between us.


Between the siblings that is.

When Baby 2 pushed me back to square 1 on how to take care of a newborn, this phrase often came to my mind. “No two babies are the same” Of course, they still sleep, they nap, they drink their milk, they teeth and they poo, but really, no two babies are exactly the same. I often have friends who tells me that looking after their firstborn was a nightmare but their second kiddo turns out to be an angel or vice versa. In my case, Charley wasn’t crazy difficult to look after but comparatively, Keisen did turned out to be slightly easier. 

I did take into account that I am more experienced since I am a second time mom, but I also did returned most of my knowledge back to the books. And you know, we gave in a lot to our firstborns simply because we were first time parents.

Here are some of the more obvious differences I spotted between the kiddos:

Sleep and Nap

C was a fan of sleeping in carriers/strollers, she could sleep in those as long as it was moving and she could sleep a full nap’s duration. I remembered pushing her back from the mall and she would often be found asleep before we reached home. K was not a big fan, it would take some time before he falls asleep and would wake up pretty soon after. It was like a cat’s nap’s nap. It was pretty tough to head out with this fella because he could get quite demanding if his naps aren’t fulfilled. However, we sleep trained K and this guy is learning to sooth himself to sleep. He doesn’t cry like he used to but when I go in to check on him, I find that most of the time he is doing baby exercises! I’ll just leave him to tire himself out and he would usually zonk out for an hour or so. C needs to be coaxed to sleep. Thinking back, I wondered where did I mustered all those patience to walk/bounce/ rock her to her naps/ sleeps whole day long! 


Skipping all those stories about getting the supply etc, C did not take to the breast as well as K. But for both babies, I had to do exclusive pump because they got clever with the bottles while we were trying to build supply. C prefers to sleep through her feedings while K wakes like clockwork for his. So, I was able to keep a stash in the freezer for C but K finished up his. 


C finishes up her portions and eats really gently and slowly, which kinda reminds me of a food taster. K gobbles his share and he wouldn’t budge if he didn’t fancy his food. He also tires out of his food easily and it gets quite difficult when I had to introduce the food over 4 days to test for allergies! Unlike his sister who could self entertain in her high chair for a bit, this little boy doesn’t like being confined to his chair even for a second. 

These are just some of the differences I’ve spotted between the kiddos as they grow; the good kind of differences which makes us unique. It would be interesting to watch them grow up and find themselves at the various stages of life. 

 May you both have each other’s back, always. ❤️

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