This is only Temporary.

I’ve recently came across an article where a writer/mum writes about the these four words: This is only Temporary; which speaks about the happiness and depressions of raising a baby. Being a new mum (I considered myself fairly new since baby Charley is 4.5 months old), I can tell you that this is not an easy job. Being a SAHM is not easy, yes.. given the luxury not to miss any milestones the little one hits is pure joy but being at the beck and call of a baby who can only convey to you via crying can be quite a handful to deal with. Especially when you’ve got their wet diapers changed, fed, burped, slept and still crying.

But yes, this is only temporary. How many more disrupted sleep can one parent get? And yet, how long is this little one gonna find comfort in my arms? Very soon she’s gonna be all grown up and find hugs too mushy to deal with.

As much as I missed having a full night sleep, I am definitely not in a hurry for her to grow up. I am patiently waiting for her to take her time to grow into a fine lady.. for us to explore the world together as a family. Of course, when the time comes I can only hope that she doesn’t find me a nagging mum but a cool mum whom she’s proud of bringing to the clubs (yes, I am still secretly hoping for this to happen haha).


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