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and Delivering Babies.

I’ve totally no love for men who determine (and made that a final option) on how their pregnant wives should deliver their babies. From all the stories I’ve heard, one of the worst I’ve heard thus far was that this man thinks that, if the wife go ahead with epidural during natural birth, she is not a real woman who has experienced child birthing. I thought it was pretty nonsensical that his entire family thinks the same, and her mother in law (mil) says that she managed without epidural and that she’s a real woman who went through being a woman.

Now to that, duck you both.

Come on, every month when I am having my menses, I feel like a real woman. I don’t need this process to determine if I am real or not, my organs speak for themselves.

Honestly, I feel for this wife. I mean, she was ‘brainwashed’ into believing that’s her way out. But it’s really not. I believed that she don’t trust what she was sharing and she was made into saying that as though she believes in it, so that nobody judges her extended family tree. It’s not about judging actually, it’s more of knowing your options and going for what works best for you. You are the one that’s going through childbirth, not anyone else. And for that matter, make use of the technology you have in this generation as you deem fit. No one is suppose to tell you what to do. In fact, some mothers don’t even have the option to choose whereas for others, they made their choices but they have to change it to another procedure halfway due to complications. It’s really not that easy.

Of course, for mothers who went through the entire process without any drugs, I salute you. But if you’re a mum whom have opt for less painful methods, there is no wrong in that. Many have asked me what would I go for .. and personally I hope to be the first to hold bean aside to the doctor, or second to my husband. So that means, natural birth with epidural cause I’ve have no threshold for pain. In fact, I have no love for needles in any medical aspect. The last time I recalled I wailed like a baby being pushed into the operating theatre and I wanted to stop the procedure while the nurse was trying to IV me. Sadly, once you signed the procedure form there is no U-turning back. That aside, I do hope that everything turns out well. Otherwise, like I said earlier, there is no other option and it’s all in the hands of your gynae.

I also do not believe the old saying that taking epidural will cause you more aches when you age. I’ve asked my gynae and she says the aches comes with old age. So don’t go pushing all the blame to many women went through childbirth with epidural? If it was the main cause of those aches, I’m sure researched science would have stop the usage of this awesome medical drug by now 🙂

I’m not advocating any forms of childbirth methods. It’s really all up to the individual and whichever method you opt for, there is no one you have to answer to, there is no wrong or right, and no one should judge you based on the choices you made.

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        1. they say it takes close to a month to heal for caesarean..and if ure going to do jamu wrap u can’t do almost immediately cos of the wound, and the delay is not effective for the flabby tummy after that.

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