Update at 3.5 months old

So I have been busying myself with Charley that I have been neglecting my blog. Taking some time to indulge myself with some chocolate and catching up on some news and music while she sleeps peacefully beside me. As the tracks played in my ears, I am suddenly brought back the the days where Charley wasn’t born yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love having her with me now but of course, I also relished being single, being married with just the hubs and me and then now, being married with a kiddo.

I loved that certain songs brings back certain memories, be it a part of my life where I was just watching the days go by, the days where hubs was spinning at the club, the days I got my heart broken when I was younger or the days with my girls back in secondary school. I remembered that when Charley was still in my tummy, I indulged her with papa’s favorite breakbeats and my random song mixlist. I wonder what she will grow to love when she grows up… Is she going to be a pop song lover? A strictly breakbeats only like the papa? Or is she going to be a indie lover? We’ll definitely have to wait to find out.

Many of my friends may not understand why would having a kid makes me so busy..I imagined that without the help of my mum (or anyone for that matters), I may not exactly have the time to eat. On good days, if baby takes her naps well, I may have enough time to prepare the vegetables, poultry and cook some simple dishes for myself. Bad days…I figured I may have to carry her on my carrier like kangaroo while I scrub the fridge for something more instant. Right now, I am cutting some slack on myself with the help of my mum. Charley is 6kg now..and my mum gets tired after carrying her every 5 -10 mins that she passes the baby back to me after my 5 min break from carrying her for about 30 mins, trying to coax her to sleep. Carry and coax, not exactly the best habit to nurture but whatever that works for her works for us. As long as everyone gets to sleep ultimately.

Of course, I believe that when one is left to be independent on her own, she’ll learn how to manage. That day will come when our new place is here ..and i simply can’t wait.

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