We are Chinese!

You know how my Chinese name goes by the initial TYZ? My surname is Tan and my husband’s is Toh. He tried finding a name that coincides with what I have, which was pretty sweet of him. But the name he came up with was just too traditional for me to accept. I made noises and said bean doesn’t like it either. ^^ The name reminds me of someone who acts in those traditional movies where women binds their feet and dons on princess outfit from China. I know right. Haha! Anyway, he gave me a list of names and we have selected one which we both liked. Not revealing that name and not revealing the chosen Chinese name till bean pop … cept that it goes by the initial TYX. I like this name because it sounds really nice and there’s no other reason, I simply like it!

I hope that there will be no further changes due to unforeseen (foreseen) circumstances.

Now we’re just left with the actual Chinese words and that’s about it! 🙂

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