We are down with Herpangina.

Barely a month into pre-school and our poor kiddo caught Herpangina. 

Nah, not the Herpagina days.
 Nah, not the Herpagina days. 

The school was newly established, no prior cases of Hand, Foot, Mouth or any others in relation. Charley was also the only one who caught it. Many first-time parents like myself may have heard of HFMD, but Herpangina? That’s a first for me. We’ve all gotta learn somewhere right?

Refer to table here. Herpangina contains the same virus as HFM. Only that the symptoms are somehow different. A big ulcer on the back of her throat, and fever which ran up to 40.6C. We didn’t see any rashes/spots on Charley’s limbs for Herpangina. She was also bleeding on her gums and refused to brush her teeth at all. This really doesn’t work so well on the breath department.

Basically, Charley was having on/off fever for quite sometime. Initially we dismissed it with her molars, which was really growing. Thereafter, the fever subsided but resurfaced stronger each time and she refused to eat/drink. It didn’t helped that she also caught the common colds. Common colds are not part of the game, but it made the toddler more icky to handle. She also vomitted after her coughs. I cannot bear to describe to you in great detail how I tried to save the vomit from seeping into her bedsheets..I don’t think you would want a visual image of that either. 

Like HFM, Herpangina is contagious, which means she was on MC for a week. The week at home with her was…the longest week of my life. I can understand her pain; she was exceptionally needy and whiny. Haha, no joke about that. The only happy time I could recall was when we sang ourselves to bed every night. Amazing vocals for someone with ulcers in her mouth.

We were quite active on sponging her, encouraging more fluids and giving the necessary medicines to help her through it. It was more of a waiting game. We’ve also gone off sharing all utensils for this period of time. Luckily, no one else caught it at home. The school has also notified that she’s the only case so far.

She’s all well now but she’s probably having some bad memories of bleeding gums that she’s not so keen to brush the insides of her teeth again. A step at a time I guess! She’s finally back to school this week and it’s my turn to fight the common colds. Hoping I’ll be well before CNY

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