We will stand together hear the lions roar.

So on today’s papers, they had an article on how our new NDP song manages to evoke strong comments from our fellow Singaporeans. Heck, funny clips and parodies were even made weeks after the song aired on wherever. I have to admit the one where they edited Stephen Chow movie snippets into it really strike a laughing chord in me. I don’t really want to put the video up but it’s real easy to google it on Youtube.

As a local born and bred Singaporean, I have to say that the recent year’s NDP songs never resonated with me. If you’ve to ask me what was the last one I remember, I will tell you it’s going to be ‘We are Singapore’.


Oh right, that’s nothing recent. There’s another video but I chose to put up this instead as the other one is really low res, you can’t blame them, it’s made in 1987! Yes, maybe back then those songs written were also heavily commented by the general public when they were first publicly aired. But to be honest, I must say that those few songs were very well written (in my opinion) and they were everlasting. These few songs also include ‘Stand up for Singapore’,  ‘One People, One Nation, One Singapore’. These are the songs that made me feel very patriotic when I sing them out loud. No joke. Sometimes even a tear in my eye.

Okay okay, I know there’s another song sung by Stefanie Sun, but I had to google it. You know what I mean?

I’m not saying that the new list of songs written were any bad. The composers definitely put their heart and mind into it. Not everyone is a music and lyrics composer but they probably wasn’t written with the older generation in mind; catering to the new generation and their evolved culture. Just a thought. But whatever it is, I certainly hope that this year when I switch on the TV in my room having my confinement done, I will have something to sing along to.

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