Yilan: Day 4 to Day 8 (12Nov – 16Nov)



So who exactly did we see? Read on to see who’s our handsome Airbnb host!

Yes, we backpacked our way to Taiwan with a kiddo in tow, can you believe it? How did we do it? Well, Charley only drinks FM once a day and she eats the rest of her meals like us so it was relatively easy. She is also potty-trained but I would say diapers are easily available where we picked our stay. But what I really want to highlight was that we were so thankful for DIY Laundry shops (投币式洗衣店) which was available at every stop we made during this trip that I didn’t have to spend my holidays washing everyone’s clothes. We simply dumped our clothes into the washer and return 30 mins later to switch it to the dryer. Made me felt very local about it. Haha.

But we returned with a luggage because the husband bought close to 20 pair of jeans. Hmm, I lost count. 

We didn’t plan any itinerary for Yilan. We didn’t even google much for it because the husband said that we are just going to relax at this stop. Oh, I wanted to check out touristy spots but the husband said that our Airbnb owner could probably bring us around with his super cool jeep. But it was wet weather during our stay here..every other day it was either drizzling or raining. We loaned their bicycles and checked out the surrounding with Charley who could still fit into the baby carrier (amazingly). Traveling in Yilan was mostly by railway train but the scenery was superb. It didn’t take very long to reach each station either.

Lighting in the Airbnb room was awesome. 







So chillax that we were painting nails


View from our room


5pm and still lazing around


Enjoying this bit of snuggle and we woke up to this


That’s one of the touristy IG must-go places in Yilan – Lanyang Museum 宜蘭蘭陽博物館




At the other port of Wushi Harbour 烏石港



lanyang museum


Taking the Railway. Do keep a watch out for your kiddos as these are not barrier-guarded.






When it’s cold, pop hot spring into the itinerary!
hot spring


Obviously little one was ecstatic that she gets a huge bathtub for waterplay!

I would like to recommend this Hotspring if you’re heading there: Smoking Rock @ Jiaoxi 冒煙的石頭溫泉渡假旅館. The hotspring is clean and the architecture is nice. We didn’t stay in but after the session, we were offered 2 drinks and cakes! Yilan was still pretty much having wet weather but we managed to pop by the beach and hubs had his first trial at surfing!


Loving the reflection

It is said that you may return to a different setting the next time you visit due to the constant change in waters and geographical plates.


That is 龟山岛 aka Turtle Island, the only active volcano in Taiwan. 

handsome airbnb

Here you go, if you’re reading on just to see who rents us his place! Search for WoodWhiteHouse on Airbnb. Rick and Karen are really nice hosts and if you’re keen to pick up surfing, you can engage Rick per session!


surf shop

Popped by Jimmy Liao’s Park 幾米廣場 for a look-see since it was one of the mentioned tourist places..Charley was a little disappointed that the playground was not open for play.


Went to one of the night markets罗东夜市 to have a go at these old school arcade!


While Yilan was peaceful, quiet and quaintly charming in its own way, food was one of the tricky part unless you stay right outside the railway station. Toucheng was a small town area where many came for surfing, many of the surfers bring along their own food (better if they stayed in a van they could have cooked their own noodles etc) while the local had their mini markets and eateries in the heart of the town. You could go out the entire day and come back for food before you head back to your stay. This would be the best option.

We had Hi-Life (convenience store) right below our stay but we couldn’t possibly have ready-made food daily and walking out was far (especially if it was rainy, cozy and all you want to do is stay under the sheets and do nothing). But there are a few good yummy food I would recommend!

Our airbnb host brought the hubs to this awesome 饭团eatery..and I’m shocked that I can’t find any images to show you! After googling for awhile, I managed to find the link! Do give it a try if you’re there! 

Other than that, we also ordered delivery: 吃飯皇帝大福隆便當(頭城店) 

Rice Box

I wonder if my taste buds were biased but we ordered Fried Chicken Rice 雞腿飯 and it was delish! It comes with other small vegetables and the green variation differs daily. Yummy nonetheless! We had these two nights in a row 😀

It’s hard to miss 老街懷舊食堂 and we settled our lunch here before boarding the coach back to Taipei to catch the HSR to Tainan.


Had to bid Yilan goodbye but if there’s a chance, we’ll be back!

Coming up, post on Tainan! 

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