You are what you watch.

Don’t be silly.

There’s nothing wrong with watching horror shows. Nothing proven scientifically anyways. So that said, we can attribute this saying to one of the olden days old wives tale/myth. The only thing that kept me about 50/50 at bay is the shocks I can possibly get when there is a scare scene.. but unless you get nightmares or you grow too deeply into the show and imagine you are a lethal killing machine. I honestly think it is fine to watch what you like. Even the doctors said, if it’s not real zombies or massacre right in your face, just go for it if you would be happy watching it. Read Healthtap

You do know that your baby can feel your moods and emotions ya? It’s not the shocks from the scary movies that will impact their growth or behavior, or even extremely on how they will look like. It’s probably the long term exposure of real living and work stress that your baby will absorb and develop into his/her behavioral patterns and character. Not exactly what you watch. Science has only proved that your baby activity decreases (not stop) when you are watching a tear jerking movie and moves actively when you are watching a funny show. This makes sense to me, nothing to do with watching gun fights or zombie movies. That only meant that if you are happy watching something, your baby will be happy! You cannot take A for A by saying that your baby will look like ____ when you watch ____ shows. Capisce? Read DailyMail Article

I’m a walking dead show kinda girl. Of course, I love my chick flicks and my comedies as much. But how many good chick flicks and comedies are there? I’ve repeatedly watched Stephen Chow’s for the x number of times, it’s no longer funny to me. The thing about The Walking Dead is the story and the makeup. I cannot tell you how amazed and in awed of the makeup they had on for the zombies. They are just too real. Nice work makeup team!

I did do my part to counter my gunfights shows by watching Disney cartoons, but how many Disney good cartoons can there be? If I have to stay away from killing/ gunfights/ zombies kinda shows I guess I can’t even watch Beauty and the Beast cause Beast is not exactly pleasant on the eyes and they have fights (those kettles fight with human beings) in the show. Inside got gun shots somemore!

All in all, my take is to watch movies with a open heart, take things with a pinch of salt and to do all things moderately.


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